BYOD at workplace

Bring your own device or Bring your own technology, these terms have gained traction in the last decade. These are mostly used in the workplace. It means doing work on the internet or attending calls or anything related to technology must be done on own device. Businesses earlier stopped employees from bringing their phones to the workplace but after the pandemic, the lines have blurred and many people are working remotely.

More and more establishments are now encouraging people to use their own devices for communication purposes. The benefits of BYOD are as follows:

  1. Employees can continue using their personal devices and do not have to leave them at home.
  2. The employees are saved from the hassle of carrying two phones, and their charging and bills are sorted.
  3. Personal devices are usually updated and employees are up-to-date and connected always to the company.
  4. It sometimes also serves as an incentive in the hiring process that the employees can use their own phones. 
  5. Reduces the cost of the company and the task of buying phones every time an employee joins and gives them a clean phone. 


  1. There is always a risk of private and highly confidential information getting leaked from the phones of senior employees.
  2. Employees might take advantage and use some unethical information when they resign.
  3. When an employee leaves the company the phone number gets changed and the clients of the company may have to suffer with no contact person. learn more about School Analytics.