Calligraphy Writing

Calligraphy writing can be defined as the visual art related to writing and is also considered to be one of the toughest forms of writing. It is said that the origin of this writing style along with its brush strokes dates back to ancient China, during the reign of the Shang Dynasty [206 BCE – 220 CE]. Calligraphy became so common among the Chinese population that all educated women and men were expected to be proficient at it. 

There are two types of Calligraphy styles, traditional and modern. In today’s world, the latter is more popular as it is easier for people to learn and adopt. Although modern calligraphy is based mostly on the fundamental principles of traditional calligraphy, it gives us more creative freedom. 

Traditional calligraphy is written with a lot of care as specific, Admission Management, structured individual strokes give birth to a single alphabet. Traditional calligraphic scripts are written using specific tools with precise measurements of heights and angles, however, modern calligraphic scripts can be done by using simple brush pens, traditional dip pens, or our very own comfortable tool, pencils!

Learning calligraphy is a great deal as it is not a very easy art form. But one can always ace it with a little bit of daily practice and following the basic guidelines and rules for keeping all the letters consistent. One should definitely focus on the basic strokes and on incorporating writing single words to strengthen their basic foundation.