Chain of Schools

A chain of schools usually means where one school creates a franchise of its own with several branches all over the country and sometimes even outside the nation. Several schools have their own franchise such as Delhi Public School, and The Birla Group of Schools (eg G.D Birla, Birl High, Mahadevi Birla). 

The institution having the biggest chain of schools is Kendriya Vidyalayas, established in the year 1962. It consists of a total of 1248 schools. Delhi Public Schools (DPS), was established in 1941. It consists of a total of 216 schools, including its 11 branches which are allocated in foreign nations.    

In most of these chains of schools, regular bonuses and benefits are provided to the teachers. As the curriculum is generally predetermined, teachers will have less preparation time. They may be required to use their own teaching aids, but most of these schools have a wealth of resources, including Internet access. They even arrange accommodation for staff members. 

However, chain School Analytics are always located in major cities, where rent and living expenses might be way too expensive than students can afford. The living conditions for the teachers or other staff members might be too noisy and the houses might not be too spacious.