Clinical Teaching Methods

A clinical teaching method is referred to as interpersonal communication between teachers, students, and learning groups. Through expert skills, the clinical teaching method helps in identifying, addressing, Admission Management, and understanding the various problems faced by students. This method also provides additional knowledge to students and offers them better solutions to their doubts. 

There are a few important elements to clinical methods of teaching. They are:

  1. It is important to know the abilities of learners as well as their roles and experiences. 
  2. The nature of the conversation between the teacher and the learner must be soft and easygoing. The former should be considerate of the latter.
  3. Factors or external impact must be given importance during the teaching and learning process.
  4. It is also important to learn about the abilities of teachers as well, as their fields of expertise, disposition, and functions.

Clinical teaching should be provided to a learner only based on proof of what the latter has learned and is prepared to learn. Teachers should make sure that they are aware of the full details of a student’s characteristic traits, and personality, before deciding on the approach or teaching style for the student. Lastly, a shared community must exist during the practice of this method of clinical teaching.