Conduct Certificate

 A Conduct Certificate is a vital document for everyone that needs to be attested everywhere. Verification of the Conduct Certificate is very much compulsory in proving you and your document are genuine. The entire procedure of legalization is applied by the native government permitting them to enter the overseas country. The concerned government office needs the approval that you are an appropriate individual when one is receiving a visa or rendering attested documents. There is an extent of services that preserve the document attestation until the very last.

Format of Conduct Certificate

It can vary depending entirely on the issuing organization, comprises the applicant’s name, dates of employment or his enrolment no., and primarily a statement about the applicant’s character and conduct. The conduct certificate may also include information about the applicant’s work performance, disciplinary history, attendance record, School Analytics, and other related information. The format of the conduct certificate will comprise the following information:

1.    Certification date

2. Name of the individual being certified

3. Start and end date of certification

4.    Individual’s character view

5. Name of certifying authority

6.    Designation of certifying authority

7. Certifying authority seal and sign