CSIR NET Marking Scheme for Physical Sciences

The JRFs and associate professor positions at reputable colleges and universities are filled through the nationwide CSIR NET test. It is one of the most difficult tests in India to pass.  A thorough understanding of the scoring system, Admission Management, & paper format is necessary in order to pass the exam.

For excelling in this examination, a proper understanding of the marking scheme is required for the subjects: First, we take a look at the marking scheme of the Physical Science Paper.

  • Part A: You must respond to 15 of the 20 questions in this portion. You will receive 2 marks for each correct response, and 0.5 for each incorrect response. This section has a total of 30 points. The general science, research ability, and logical thinking and analysis topics are included in the exam questions.
  • Part B: You must respond to 20 out of the 25 questions in Part B. You will receive 3.5 marks for a correct response & negative marking of 0.8 for a wrong one. This section received a total of 70 CSIR NET points. The fundamental areas of physical science are the source of the questions.
  • Part C.: You must respond to 20 of the 30 questions in Part C. The correct response earns you 5 points, while the incorrect one costs you 1.25. This section receives a total score of 100. This section’s analytical questions are intended to assess your understanding of science.