E-literate is also used interchangeably with digital literacy. It is the ability of a person to communicate- listen, speak, read, and write via digital means of communication like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other computer devices. As technology has progressed, one must be aware of their surroundings and how one needs to interact with each others. The advent of digital media has compelled people to be more learned and not be left behind in society.

E-literacy from an early age helps children make the best use of technology throughout their lifetime. They can access it for education, skill development, and other activities. This can help them build a better career, considering every business and company, Digital Content, however outdated, is going digital.

It is also required for adult and senior citizens, who did not have technical knowledge during their time but now have to cope with changes due to the digital transition. Even if it requires a longer time for them to go digital, the effort is total worth it. It has tremendous potential in its kitty for times to come.