Environmental science

Environmental science is the field of study discussing matters related to the environment like the plant and animal kingdom, ecosystem, their association with living and non-living things, and other environmental elements. 

The main thrust toward environmental science came around during the 1960s and 1970s. It was driven by the need to solve the grappling ecological problems faced by the world. 

In this regard, many environment-based laws came up from organisations like United Nations and government institutions worldwide. The government understood the changing nature of the environment as projected by many studies, research, School Management System, and public discussion and started implementing laws accordingly. 

In this context, the subject of generating awareness for children during their schooling time came into being. Schools made environmental studies a part of the curriculum to inculcate respect for nature and become better citizens.

This will further reduce the health impact of a deteriorating environment if awareness is generated beforehand for future generations. Besides, as the student progresses and gains interest, they become torchbearers of environmental consciousness, helping a long way to save our planet. Ecology and environmental science are used interchangeably in today’s context.