CSIR Full Form

CSIR, which stands for Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, is the country’s premier research organisation. The autonomous body comes directly under the supervision of the Prime Minister of India. It was established India in 1942 as a research and development organisation in India with over 14000 staff members which include 8000 technical support employees and 4600 scientists. It takes up various areas of research and studies across multiple domains like aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, Learning Management System, oceanic science, mining, food, leather, and environmental science. 

It is one of the largest publicly funded organisations in the world. It has a branch named Human Resource Development Group (HRDG), which takes up grants and fellowship schemes.

The organisation has gained a world-famous and it ranks in the 37th position amongst the 1500+ governmental institutions around the globe. It is currently serving the purpose of New CSIR for New India. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CSIR took upon the clinical trial to examine Sepsivac’s effectiveness in reducing the overall mortality rate among COVID-affected patients.

Dr Shekhar C.Mande, the former scientist with the Institute Of Microbial Technology is serving as Director-General of CSIR.