Elective subjects meaning

Elective subjects are also known as optional subjects that students need to choose for their course of study at schools, colleges, or universities. There is a list of options given to the students out of which they need to choose a selected few for elective subjects, and they are the subjects that are different from what is offered by core subjects.

While core subjects are the one that has to be compulsorily completed by students to pass the course, the elective subjects can be chosen as per their area of interest. Electives and core together form the total number of subjects one needs to complete their course in a semester or examination. Many educational institutes are adding elective courses to keep up with the necessity of time and introducing subjects like environmental education, ethics, or others, that are needed to add value to the student’s existing skills.

The tuition fee for elective subjects is generally included in the overall fees charged for the semester. The university offers them depending on the existing set of approved curricula, and students need to pass them to get credit for them. learn more about Admission Management.