Father of Accounts in India

Shri Kalyan Subramani Aiyar (1859-1940) is known as the father of India’s Accountancy Profession. Kalyan Subramani Aiyar established the firm that bears his name and began professional practice in Calicut in 1897. In 1900, he and the firm relocated to Bombay, where it is still headquartered today. Briefly, the Founder’s illustrious professional career spanned half a century. K. S. Aiyar, a pioneer of Indian Accountancy and the Accountancy, Admission Management, profession, was first and foremost a dedicated educator. His professional practice expanded first as a sole proprietor, then with partners, and finally with his sons Bharatha and Arjun Aiyar. Many of those associated with him went on to achieve great success in their own fields. The Merchant Princes of Bombay’s faith in him grew as well. The high levels of trust and confidence enjoyed by the firm and those who worked in it over several decades are sufficient proof of the high levels of excellence attained by his firm and institution. Shri. KS. Aiyar, the founder of K.S. Aiyar & Co. is acknowledged as one of the oldest firms in the History of the Accountancy Profession in India and is widely regarded as a pioneer of Commercial Education in India, with a significant contribution in this field.