Full Form of ISI

ISI stands for the Indian Standards Institute. ISI was established to set standards for the growth of industries and the maintenance of industrial output efficiency. It provides an ISI mark, which is an Indian standard-compliance mark for industrial products. So far, it is the most widely used and recognized certification mark all across the Indian subcontinent. In 1987, it was renamed the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). BIS has replaced ISI (Bureau of Indian Standards). It establishes the quality standard for consumer and industrial goods. It verifies the quality and standard of each product and awards it a certification mark. BIS is authorized to provide certification under 1986 legislation. In India, the ISI label is required for the selling of certain products. ISI certification is available to any manufacturing business that meets the BIS requirements for its product or service. 

ISI is also the full form of the Indian Statistical Institute. ISI is a higher education research institute located in Kolkata, West Bengal. On December 17, 1931, Professor P.C. Mahalanobis founded it in Kolkata. The ISI was designated as an Institution of National Importance by Parliament in 1959. learn more about Learning Management System.