Full form of PRT teacher

PRT is an abbreviation for Primary School Teacher. A primary teacher, also defined as an elementary teacher, teaches students in grades one through five. PRT teachers are regarded as the educational system’s foundation or strength because they teach students the fundamentals of education and life. Imagine attempting to understand expert-level theories and questions in Trigonometry with a firm understanding of its fundamentals; it would be easier. A PRT teacher’s duty and responsibility is to assist students in understanding their fundamentals. PRT teachers also make sure that students develop positive character traits. A PRT teacher’s role goes beyond simply teaching by instilling discipline, hard work, and punctuality in them. A Primary Teacher, a PRT candidate or an applicant must have a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. D.El.Ed. is a two-year diploma program that can be completed either in a full-time traditional classroom, School Analytics, or online. This diploma program typically lasts four semesters and prepares candidates to work as primary school teachers. Various government and private institutions across the country offer a Diploma in Elementary Education.