GPA Full Form

Grade Point Average (GPA) gives academic scoring to students for their overall performance. The term GPA is mostly used after secondary education. It averages the score secured by individuals in all the subjects during a particular semester or year. It determines how well they have scored in the given examination. Sometimes it is also called CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average, and the score suggests if the students have passed an academic session or not.

Evaluation scales differ with academic institutions. While some consider GPAs to be scalable on a range of 1.0 to 5.0, many others consider them on a scale of 1.0 to 10.0. A good GPA suggests better academic results, which in turn reward students with better college or job selections. Many academic institutions like colleges, universities and online platforms designated for certifications use this method to evaluate candidates.

However, the GPA is not indicative of the potential of the candidate. Someone who scores really well in academic performance may not be a worthy candidate for a particular college or job profile. To be on the safer side, securing a good GPA is emphasised. It also assures unhindered admissions to prestigious universities and selection to top companies that have kept it an important parameter. learn more about Learning Management System.