Headmasters and their Importance

Ever imagined a school or institute without a headmaster? I guess not too! You have heard this term often, beginning from your school days, and will continue to hear it while teaching your grandkids. Funny, true, yet a school without students, teachers, management, and the administration doesn’t exist. Perhaps we can say they count as the stakeholders of a school.

Headmasters are commonly identified as leaders, managers, or individuals who manage the school or any educational unit. Their decisions in every aspect are crucial in creating a school image and popularity. A headmaster should possess essential qualities and be effective in his activities, familiar with logistics, marketing, and economics, and most importantly, cooperate well with other school members. Below are some reasons why headmasters are important in every educational institute.

·       They hold multiple positions in the school and are the keystone of every aspect. A headmaster is a business director, leader, organiser, governor, coordinator, teacher, friend, guide, and philosopher.

·       Headmasters occupy a unique position as they are at the centre of maintaining relationships- student/teacher, teacher/parent, teacher/teacher, etc.

·       A school is a minute reflection of a society that highlights the capabilities of its leader. Here, the headmaster is the social leader who leads the school and forms a societal picture.

·       Headmasters ensure harmonious and balanced relationships between all elements of the school and the institution’s successful development.