Important Topics for preparation of Chemical Sciences For CSIR NET Examination

CSIR NET Examination is an All India examination to recruit Junior Research Fellows and Lecturers in Indian colleges, School Analytics, and universities. It is held for 5 subjects, Here, we take a look at the important topics for Chemical Sciences Subject :

Important Topics or Chemical Sciences 

Units 1. Chemical Bonding, 2.Coordination Chemistry 3. Organometallics


  • Hybridisation
  • Shapes, Geometry, And Structures Of Molecules
  • Isomerism
  • Valance Bond Theory
  • Crystal Field Theory
  • Molecular Orbital Theory
  • Colour And Spectra
  • Magnetic Reaction Mechanism
  • Metal Carbonyls
  • Metal Clusters
  • Metal Olefins , Metal Carbene
  • Catalytic Cycles
  • Omc Reactions

Unit 4 Stereochemistry 5. Organic Synthesis

  • R And S Nomenclature
  • Isomerism: Structural And Geometrical
  • Conformations
  • Cram And Felkin Anh Model
  • Named Reactions
  • Reagents
  • Reaction Mechanism – Sn1, Sn2, E1, E2, E1cb, Sn Ngp.
  • Intermediates Involved
  • Stereochemistry Of The Reaction
  • Regioselectivity
  • Chemoselectivity

Unit 6. Thermodynamics7. Chemical Kinetics8. Quantum Mechanics

  • 1st Law. 2nd Law And 3rd Law Of Thermodynamics
  • Calculations On Entropy And Work
  • Fugacity, Gibb’s Duhem Equation
  • Order, Theories Involved
  • Complex Mechanism
  • Types Of Reactions
  • Approximation Methods
  • Enzyme Kinetics
  • Functions And Operators, Particle In A Box, Sho, Rigid Rotor, Hydrogen Atom,