Live Classes

A style of instructor-led learning in which the teacher is in charge of the entire group is known as live classes. They decide on the learning objective and pace. They make it possible to have synchronised activities in a live virtual classroom where students and teachers can collaborate on projects.

Students and professors must both be online simultaneously during the class. On the other hand, these classes can be taped for later use. Distance learning is enabled with live classes. It allows the instructor and learner to be in separate locations but still communicates in real-time about the topics.

The teacher and students are not required to be online simultaneously for online classes. Without a live instructor, students can study online courses at their own pace. Some online courses include online classes or meetups as part of the course activities.

These live classes are generally very effective. When conducted through a good Learning Management System(LMS), they can enjoy many other interactive features, good for virtual class engagement.