Meaning of Theory of Change (TOC)

The theory of change is a comprehensive technique representing the change, i.e., the changes or alterations an organization wants. The theory here refers to the process which allows the change to happen. In the theory of change, School Analytics, the ultimate goal is to help the organization better understand what they want to achieve through planning and evaluation.

In other words, the theory of change is referred to as a methodology based on a diagram that consists of multiple actions and leads to specific changes. Various organizations and individuals create strategic plans through changes that need to take place and lead them toward their goals and changes. Through this, they can close the gap between their goals and the actions needed to achieve them successfully. The following are the benefits of the theory of change-

·       Helps identify the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the organizations and individuals

·       Helps identify the intended outcomes and relationships

·       Organizations and entrepreneurs can communicate and engage more with their stakeholders

·       Helps create a framework for change, strategic planning, and development of programs