Mode of Study: ODL

“Open and Distance Learning” refers to a method of providing flexible learning opportunities by bridging the gap between teacher and learner through the use of a variety of media, including print, electronic, online, and occasionally interactive face-to-face meetings with learners or Learner Support Services, School Analytics, to deliver teaching-learning experiences, including practical or work experiences

The open learning and distance education system approach focuses on the availability of education and training to liberate learners from time and location constraints, as well as provide individuals and groups of learners with flexible learning opportunities. Open and distance learning (ODL) is one of the most rapidly growing areas of learning today. Because of the rapid development of Internet-based information technologies, particularly the World Wide Web, the ODL mode of study is aggressively growing. This is usually created from the idea that learners and teachers should not be in the same classroom and should be divided by some geographical distance or may not be able to come close to each other in order for the education system to function efficiently.