National Board of Accreditation

The AICTE established the National Board of Accreditation or NBA to gauge the standard of educational programs offered by institutions, from diploma to post-graduate levels. It’s different from other accreditation bodies in India because it accredits courses or programs instead of institutes. NBA accredits technical programs like engineering & technology, pharmacy, management, architecture, and other courses approved by AICTE.

In 2010, NBA was introduced as an autonomous body to assess and assure the standard, credibility, and relevancy of professional education courses through a meticulous accreditation process. It includes several criteria and parameters that align with international practices and target the outcomes of educational programs.

Undoubtedly, being certified is an honour for NBA-accredited colleges. It’s a badge that adds credit to an engineering program and sends a message that experts have reviewed and approved it. Also, it assures students that the course meets premier quality standards.


 ·   Promote innovative and holistic methods in technical education schemes and other disciplines.

·   Assure strong academic background for college kids enrolled in National Board of Accreditation colleges and courses, boosting their careers in IT, computer, and engineering.

·   Offer required consultation and guidelines to boost educational courses.

·   Provide feedback to higher educational institutions regarding areas that require improvement or development.

·   Regular evaluation ensures that the training relies on the norms, standards, and guidelines of the NBA.