National Education Day

National Education Day is celebrated on 11th November every year and focuses on an efficient education system. On this day, schools and other educational institutes organize various activities to honour the great leader who instituted this day, Maulana Azad. Schools and other educational institutes also conduct innovative programs like workshops and seminars to enhance awareness regarding the importance of education among children and people in the country. The educational institutions also make this day memorable by conducting competitions like essay writing, elocution, Digital Content, or poster making. Students prepare for these competitions and boost the significance of education through active participation.

The main aim of national education day is to increase awareness of the selfless contribution of Maulana Azad to the educational sector among people and aspiring youth to spread literacy around. Maulana Azad is recognized as India’s first education minister, whose efforts made education accessible to all. He was a great thinker and leader, and his efforts & contributions toward education are significant, leading to access to quality education for all.

After attaining Independence in 1947, India was moving towards revolutionizing in all sectors. Recognizing the importance of an educated society in the nation increased the focus on developing an effective and seamless educational system.