Note on Magna Carta of Indian Education

In the modern history of India, Charles Wood’s Despatch significantly impacted education in British India. It is because Wood’s Despatch promoted using vernacular languages in Indian schools. In the IAS exam, Wood’s Despatch is a valuable topic in Indian history. Charles Wood was the President of the Board of Control of the English East Indian Company. He greatly impacted education in India and suggested that high schools adopt an anglo-vernacular medium and English remain the medium for college-level education. Therefore, Wood’s Despatch is considered the ‘Magna Carta’ of Indian Education. The major impact of Wood’s Despatch was in all the spheres, such as-

·   Primary education

·   Higher education

·   Women’s education

·   Hierarchy in education was systemized

·   Vernacular education

·   English education

·   Grants-in-aid

·   Secular education

·   Teacher’s training

Magna Carta, also called Wood’s Despatch, is an important topic in the history of Indian education, especially for civil service and government exams. This system took modern education to a new level and greatly benefitted Indian students.