Post-Secondary Education Meaning in India

Post-secondary education, also known as tertiary education, is the level of education that follows the completion of secondary education, also known as high School Analytics. Universities and colleges, as well as trade and vocational schools, are examples of postsecondary education. Postsecondary education typically culminates in the awarding of a diploma, certification, or academic degree.

Postsecondary education is decentralized from federal government regulation and is essentially self-sufficient. Because there are both private and public institutions, postsecondary education is frequently diverse. Some institutions are small and religiously affiliated, while others may be secular, rural, urban, or suburban.

Higher education, also known as post-secondary education, high school, or higher education, is the final stage of formal schooling that follows the completion of secondary education. Post-secondary education includes all levels of education after high school, including colleges, universities, School Management System and trade schools.