Quick Writing

Quick writing is the technique of writing as fast as possible, and it may pertain to regular note-making in the classroom, generic writing, or examination-based writing. Quick writing also relates to the candidate’s speed while writing the content with perfection.

Initially, it is difficult for students to be quick writers, and the learner can develop the quality only after rigorous writing and reading practice. To be a quick writer, you must be a good reader, and it means that you must have content to yourself about the topics you probably need to write.

Quick writing is also a type of exercise that the assessors use to check the knowledgeability of students on a given topic. Generally, subjects are provided on the spot to check students’ critical thinking and analytical skills along with writing ability. The method is part of the active learning methodology ,School Management System and many schools have introduced this as a part of their regular curriculum.

In this technique, students can write all their ideas on a given topic in one go without restricting any thought to be judged. It also allows the teacher to understand how much the students have known about the issue or what else can be explained.