Note-Making for Students

Making notes or jotting them down is an important activity for students in learning. In traditional learning, note-making was crucially important, but today with the advent of technology, note-making has emerged into digitization. Even so, note-making remains somewhat important. There are different reasons behind taking notes in a classroom, Learning Management System, and every student keeps one for their benefit. The most important reason for note-making is recalling the information in case you forget the main points. Also, note-making styles are important, especially during examinations, as they help students properly explain their answers. Taking down notes is not as simple as it sounds; it is not everything you hear. It is also about summarizing the core concepts in your own words to understand them later.

Advantages of Note-Making

·   Staying active and engaging with the lectures, revision, and reading

·   Understanding the learning concepts and clarifying the thought process (questioning or any doubts)

·   Identifying and selecting the key ideas which can be used later and jog your memory from the past lectures

·   Revising the study materials or notes before exams to help you remember the crucial points

·   Planning and structuring assignments and exams

·   Organizing the notes and making connections with the similar topics