Rhyming words benefit children.

Big discoveries mark Childhood; learning how to read and write. Through literacy, children start exploring uncharted territory. This may happen with music, poems, Digital Content, and rhymes. Many therapists and educators utilize these methods to stimulate literacy.

When your child rhymes words, his brain develops the flexibility to try and do the following:

·   Break words down into smaller words- In reading, the power of breaking words down into smaller words makes it possible for him to tackle new words. This can be called better phonemic awareness. Children who aren’t doing well in reading are often unable to try and do this.

·   Learn the rhythm of the written word- Rhyming sounds cool to kids and makes them happy. They must read rhyming books because they’re fun and give them the chance to develop inflexion in their voices. They’ll also hear the differences within the sounds, which furthers their reading development.

·   Learn word families like a den, ben, ten, men, and pen- Word families are the premise of language. When children realize that similar sounds are found in words they need to be heard before; they build a library of sounds in their brains for language. If the letter e within the word ben looks like eh, it will also sound like eh within the word tenfold.