Scientific Inquiry

It is the traditional process in which scientists function. When presented with a problem or a situation, they solve the problem with their critical thinking and reasoning skills. Here is the manner in which a scientific inquiry is done:

  • When solving a problem or situation, there is always a hypothesis which is proven either right or wrong at the end of the scientific study. 
  • The second step is to review and find out any related findings, which may be helpful in carrying out the study or in the interpretation of the study.
  • Now comes the methodology part where it’s decided how to solve the problem and the steps taken to solve it.
  • The last part is the collection and interpretation of the results obtained from the study.

At last, the conclusion of the whole study is done according to the critical thinking of the scientists. Why such results were obtained and why the hypothesis has been proved to be correct or wrong? A proper explanation is provided for the results obtained in the form of graphical charts and user responses on questionnaires. Biases if any are also mentioned in the conclusion which could have influenced the data. learn more about School Management System.