Single Admin Access

Many online resource management software gives each user a single admin account. This is the master administrator account, which has full access to all functions and is password-protected. Administrator-level access is likely to be granted to more than one individual in large businesses. Giving everyone the master password is one method; however, it is advised that these individuals’ network user accounts be given administrator access.

This method has the following advantages:

  • They can log in to the administration sites with their own login and password (no need to remember another one).
  • You can give the user varying levels of administrator access. Different administrators can access different functionalities and parts of the programme.
  • The majority of activity is audited so that modifications may be traced back to a specific person.

At the group or user level: You can grant administrator access. Giving numerous users the same permissions is simple by assigning admin access to a group. When certain permissions are necessary, giving a user admin access is useful. The Administrators group, for example, might only have access to reporting features.

Granting administrative access to a user: When the access permissions are particular to that user, assigning access to that user is appropriate.


Administrator users have complete control over the application. Regardless of team membership, they can work with all records in all modules.

Regardless of team membership, a regular user with Admin access to a module can see all records in that module.