Student Activism and how is it beneficial?

Books, researching, studying, and learning are paramount for achieving career goals; student activism offers skills and experience that no book or research can teach you. Student activism is about social transformation entailing opposition and a revolutionary form of public expression of student power. For instance, negotiations or protests aim to voice grievances and express their opinion to the education department.

Student activism has aided significantly in boosting the skills of an individual. Below are some of the benefits which can be gained while exercising student activism-

·   Comfort zone gives you mental security. But with student activism, one can move away and move beyond your comfort zone, experiencing new challenges in life. This helps in broadening the view of life.

·   When you challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone, you learn much, which further boosts your confidence. You can work in a team, be part of something bigger, or set your target goals that help in developing more confidence.

·   Building connections and learning something new from others is beneficial for transitioning as an overall human being. Form new connections with your peers and learn from them by being an active student. learn more about School Management System.