Supply exam

An extra test (or another type of evaluation) may be authorised for a student under the following conditions:

  • A student who has nearly passed a topic and complies with the applicable College requirements may be given a supplemental test.
  • A student who has requested special attention because unanticipated events adversely affected their performance on the first exam.
  • Students must pass the additional test in order to receive a passing grade for the subject overall.
  • A supplementary exam’s best outcome is SP (supplementary pass) or SS.

After the official exam period, supplemental exams are scheduled, but they may not be offered for all subjects or examination types. It is vital that the students be able to get high exam scores since the results of these exams have a significant influence on their future and careers. Examinations known as supplemental exams are those that students may take if they want to raise their exam scores. In a nutshell, supplemental tests are like a second chance at an exam. learn more about Learning Management System.