Unit Study

A unit study is an educational approach that focuses on learning about a particular subject in depth by integrating multiple subjects, such as history, science, literature, and art. The idea behind unit studies is to create a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to learning that goes beyond individual subjects. For example, a unit study on Ancient Greece might include reading Greek myths, studying the geography and culture of Greece, and learning about the contributions of Greek civilization to science, art, and philosophy.

Unit studies can be used for homeschooling or for supplementing the traditional classroom education and Digital Content. They offer a flexible and creative way to learn and are particularly well suited for hands-on, project-based learning. Unit studies can also be tailored to meet the individual interests and learning styles of students.

Unit studies can be created for different age groups and can range from simple projects for younger children to more complex and in-depth studies for older students. They can be used as a complete curriculum or as a supplement to other educational materials. The approach is popular among homeschoolers because it allows for a great deal of customization and can be a fun and engaging way to learn.