Video Classes

A video class or lecture is a visual medium that contains educational content for a specific topic. The format could change; it could be a video of an instructor talking to the camera, photos and text on the subject, or a combination of these. 

Bite-sized video content is increasingly being used to teach young and adult learners. This type of video class is easy for students to digest and is a great tool to engage students in a class. Video classes are conducted on virtual platforms with the help of some software. Students can access prerecorded lectures or classes on their own devices, like phones, laptops, etc. 

Video lessons have several advantages. Here are a few examples:

  • Students of all ages and abilities can benefit from watching videos.
  • Authentic material in videos motivates.
  • Videos provide context to aid comprehension.
  • Videos introduce fresh ideas and culture

Finally, online learning benefits students, tutors, and institutions that provide these courses. It helps to transcend the location barrier and make the learning process more inclusive. Hence, we can see many conventional educational institutes switched to video classes to cater to a large group of students.