Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual learning is a type of learning that is enhanced by the use of computers and the internet both outside and inside the educational institution’s facilities. Most of the training is done through the internet.

You and your staff are probably most familiar with what happens in an online learning environment as teachers.

For classroom education, your Digital Content may have implemented a learning platform as well as a multimedia platform like Zoom. eduTinker is a learning environment platform for student group projects and collaboration, as well as quiz and assessment tools.

These technologies aid the overall online learning experience, allowing you to successfully teach and assist your students. The following specific tactics can help teachers and educational institutions improve their overall distance-learning process.

  1. Streamline and simplify
  2. Adding tools will help you be more efficient
  3. Make yourself available, but set limits
  4. Add new digital learning experiences
  5. Continue to work on your professional development objectives.