What are media studies?

In the age of digitalization, everything relates to media. Whether scrolling through Instagram to check on a friend or reading the latest news, various forms of media are surrounded. The increasing prevalence of media is also important; one should have the knowledge to use it effectively. Media studies encompass every aspect of normal life. From creating video games to answering questions to applying for jobs, the scope of media studies is enormous. Building a career in mass media is one of the best studies programs that offer various opportunities for graduates. Media studies are different communication methods’ content, history, School Analytics, and impact. In a media study course, students can learn the following key concepts-

·   Representation and interpretation of media

·   Media language and communication techniques

·   Audience and consumption of media

Media studies is a broader term that covers various academic subjects. For instance, many universities offer media studies in different degrees, like a bachelor of arts degree in convergent media, a bachelor of arts degree in journalism and media communication, etc.