What are the techniques of scientific management?

The techniques of scientific management are as follows-

·       Work-study implies a structured study. This objectifies the systemized effectiveness of different business operations. This technique evaluates the entire system.

·       Standardization techniques aid in reducing material spoilage and waste, Admission Management, improve work quality, and lower production costs.

·       Wage rates must be set so that the average employee is encouraged to achieve a correct output higher than his level.

·       The management must devise a scientific selection procedure to ensure that the right men are chosen for the right jobs. The first stage in this scientific selection process is identifying the jobs for which workers are needed.

·       According to Taylor’s plan, the objective is to recruit highly efficient workers. Throughout this strategy, there are two work rates: the lower one and one that is higher.

·       Functional foremanship refers to a manufacturing administration system that permits the involvement of many professionals in independent, functional roles.