What do you mean by memo?

A memo can be defined as any official document which is used for different purposes. It is also known as a memorandum, one of the most used terms in the business world for official communication. The purpose of the memo is to serve as a reminder or give instructions to the other person. These are similar to circulars of mass communication, i.e., communicating with many people at a time within the organization. Generally, a memo is written for the below five reasons-

·   To convey any event or circumstance

·   To recount an event

·   As a reminder

·   To pass instruction or information

·   Keep an official record of anything

Memos are nowadays a popular term used for communicating, especially at the workplace. It is because it is a very cost-effective way of mass communication, and the transmission is also cheap. Moreover, it is simple to write and understand because the information in it is brief and to the point. It helps in reaching many people, and it also saves time. learn more about School Management System.