What is a MEM degree?

A Master in Engineering Management (MEM) degree is a professional master’s degree designed to integrate engineering, technology, and management. It is popularly known as Engineer’s MBA or MBA for engineers. A MEM degree is an ideal course for engineering graduates who want to combine their technical skills with business and shift to a higher managerial role with a technology aspect. Though a degree is meant for engineers to sharpen their management skills, this master’s program in engineering management program provides students with a broader perspective to solve more complex and dynamic problems. Moreover, this program not only gives students an in-depth analysis of technical and managerial skills but also the necessary training to work with people of different cultures and backgrounds. MEM students are more intellectual in this field and are aware of the issues such as ethics, society, culture, environment, etc. Masters in Engineering Management graduates have advanced knowledge in finance, engineering, School Analytics, design, processes, etc., and are also skilled in motivating and leading individuals.