What is meant by a minor degree?

A minor degree in college is often referred to as a secondary academic discipline earned by completing 18 credit hours (approximately 6 courses). Every student eventually has to decide on a college major, i.e., their academic focus and the subject they want to excel in. These include certain requirements that must be fulfilled to determine the degree a student will receive. Under this, a minor degree is another subject a student needs to focus on besides the major. For instance, if students have multiple interests, even if they do not align, they can get a minor in another field.

Similar to majors, minors also have special requirements such as a certain number of credit hours, mandatory classes, etc. Though the requirements are much lesser than majors, many people undergo minors to support their major. Most students are major in the general field and minor in specialized fields. For instance, a student might minor in marketing under a business major. Other than this, students can also do a minor in something they have an interest in or something fascinating. Students interested in minoring must communicate with their college academic advisor to ensure their schedules fit the major requirements. learn more about Digital Content.