What is modernization theory?

Modernization theory is a sociology theory that states that societies will eventually change positively and progressively over their existence. The main sociological model of modernization highlights that Western capitalist societies offer the model for modernization. But other theories, like Marxist modernization, do not use Western societies or capitalism as their goal. Different theories of modernization are strongly criticized. The general structure of modernization theory states that societies will progress from one stage to another with time. The ultimate goal of all societies is the become modern. The developing stages in becoming modern comprise traditional society, take-off, and maturation. Sociologists’ research biases and culture influence many examples of modernization theory. Among many other theories, capitalist, Western, Marxist, and modern theories are famous. Each follows the same process as Rostow’s theory. They differ based on their view of the world and the economic system. learn more about School Analytics.