What is motivation?

Motivation is a crucial factor in every aspect of the world. Be it an organization, education, career, etc.; it is required to achieve the desired goals. There are numerous benefits motivations offer to a person. Motivation is referred to as an action or word which have the ability the influence others in terms of work, culture, behaviour, etc. The role of motivation in the workplace or organization is very high. There are usually two types of motivation, one where motivation has been done or happened by another person, is called extrinsic motivation. It means outer forces enable motivation. Another is the motivation done from inside of mind or soul, called intrinsic motivation. It usually comes within the person.

The significance of motivation cannot be explained in just mere words. It has the power to change the perspective of the whole environment of the organization. For instance, if a small kid is afraid to write 10 tables as homework, the mother can motivate the kid by offering him candy if he completes his homework. This is known as extrinsic motivation. Moreover, motivation gives a spirit and energy to work hard. Motivation can influence employees to work hard, Digital Content, achieve goals, develop friendly relationships, and increase efficiency and output.