What is the full form of TPACK?

In this modern world, technology is becoming increasingly important, especially for students. In the classroom, it helps increase students’ understanding of difficult concepts and boosts collaboration among students. TPACK refers to the technology integration framework, which clarifies three different types of knowledge instructors must combine for successful integration of education- technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge. TPACK is often compared with the SAMR model; however, both are different in scope. TPACK gives a defined map for understanding how an instructor can integrate technology in the classroom.

Additionally, TPACK represents a complete understanding of how to teach using technology. It helps to understand how to use technology to teach concepts differently, which enhances student learning experiences. For example, you are delivering content to your student through a Learning Management System, and though you have sufficient knowledge of the content and the system, you may still provide your students with a fully online course of text-based PDFs.