What is the purpose of mastery learning?

Mastery learning, also known as mastering, is a higher level of education in a particular field. It ensures that a student can reach mastery of a particular unit such as science, economics, accounts, etc. Mastery learning provides the students with a grasp of high-level knowledge of a given concept, Admission Management, regardless of the time and resources needed to achieve a total understanding or mastery of it. In traditional teaching methods, the class used to learn together, but today, the students can master any knowledge independently.

It is also known as transformational education, where a student masters their knowledge, experience, skills, and dispositions. It is a way of revolutionizing education research, the labour market, and state testing. The curriculum is transformed where learning is measured, and teachers are trained. Various courses intimidate students to acquire more learning into it. Though it requires hard work, mastering helps them tackle difficult concepts by providing them with the opportunity to practice, engage, and participate in the learning environment. A student can use their experience and combine it with interactive resources and real-world examples, thereby helping students master challenging information and gain the confidence to succeed in life.