Year-end goal 

A year-end goal is a specific objective or target that an individual or organization aims to achieve by the end of a calendar year. Year-end goals are typically set at the beginning of the year and serve as a roadmap to guide efforts and measure progress throughout the year.

Year-end goals can take many forms, such as financial targets, sales targets, personal or professional development goals, or organizational objectives. They are typically aligned with a broader strategic plan or vision, and are designed to help individuals or organizations achieve specific outcomes or results.

For example, a company may set a year-end goal to increase sales by a certain percentage, launch a new product or service, or expand into a new market. An individual may set a year-end goal to complete a professional certification or training program, save a certain amount of money, or achieve a personal milestone such as running a marathon.

Setting year-end goals can help individuals and organizations stay focused, motivated, and accountable for achieving desired outcomes. It provides a sense of direction and purpose, Admission Management, and can help ensure that efforts and resources are directed towards the most important priorities.