Anthropology is the study of signs of human evolution, the development of their biological and physiological characteristics, and their overall evolution. There are different types of anthropology and the subfield related to them, namely: archaeology, biological anthropology, School Analytics, social-cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. Franz Boas is considered the father of modern anthropology as he was the first person to apply scientific methods to anthropology by generating theories. In a broader aspect, anthropology helps us understand the different aspects of what it is to experience as a human. 

The people who study anthropology, known as an anthropologist, trying to understand how people exist in different social structures and work towards economics, education, law, and policy, understanding the complex issues surrounding them. The study of anthropology in depth can help one to solve real-world problems by using the ideas around anthropology. They can help us bring more clarity to our regular life, understand the past, and use it in the present.

Anthropology is one of the subjects that has started gaining more importance in today’s time, considering how much we need to understand our own origin and help us carve a better future in the coming times.