Art Teacher Jobs

A typical art teacher works in a school setting, School Analytics, teaching students how to paint, draw, make sculptures and ceramics, and learn photography. Art teachers, on the other hand, may work privately or in art centres.

Art teachers teach their students about art creation, art history, and art theory. Most art teachers are practising artists who teach because they love what they do and want to share it with their students.

Art teachers can have jobs at schools where they can teach little kids how to draw and they can probably go up to teaching students of higher classes as well. Art teachers can also become Fine Arts teachers for extracurriculars in schools. In India, Arts & crafts teachers usually have an average annual salary of Rs. 3lakhs, if they work in schools. These teachers might also open their own tutorials or workshops and train students in private to grow and enhance their drawing skills. Here, the art teachers are completely in possession to set a monthly salary for themselves, and hence with more students, their remuneration will keep increasing.  

However, in general, art teachers in India can earn up to Rs.2,10,000 per year. The starting salary would be Rs.1,80,000 per year and then it can rise up to as high as Rs. 4,96,900 per year.