Building Capacity of Assets

Change is the way forward and teachers, institutions and even students have to build their capacity from time to time to stay relevant and in the race towards perfection. It involves acquiring skills which make the present things they do in easier manner and learning the latest skills to stay up to date with recent advancements. School Analytics and teachers have to integrate a lot of children with different values and backgrounds together. They also have to teach them to be digitally literate. 

So teachers have to work in tandem with different individuals to make the classrooms more and more interesting for the children. To know more about the children’s behaviour and their activities at home they need support from parents, to introduce new techniques of learning they need the support of other health professionals like psychologists and linguists.

How to achieve it?

Continuous training and assessment are the way forward as they help with the following things:

  • Train the teachers with new techniques to make studies more interesting
  • Train teachers to be more inclusive of children with learning difficulties
  • Provide incentives to the teachers to undergo training for skill development
  • Make proper lesson plans and apply new methods and keep reviewing them for better results.