Bring your own technology (BYOT) is a growing trend in enterprise IT in which executives and employees choose and frequently purchase their own computer devices. BYOT is most commonly associated with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

BYOT is also known as the “consumerization of IT” because it represents the public’s growing integration with their mobile devices and their anticipation of having personalized devices rather than equipment chosen by their employers.

Bring your own technology (BYOT) is another term for bringing your own device (BYOD) or simply bringing your own (BYO). 

BYOT started with executives who had the latest smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers but couldn’t use them for work. The demands of executives for access to workplace applications, data, and email via their own devices were echoed by other employees, Fee Management, many of whom had their own portable devices. While BYOT is not a new demand, many companies are now supporting employee devices because the demand is so great and IT departments are finding it increasingly difficult to say it can’t be done. Ideally, or theoretically, BYOT should lower overall IT costs while increasing productivity.