Campus Placement

The recruitment process conducted at colleges and universities to select students for the industry is called Campus placement. In this process, the students are offered a job from the college through opportunities created in campus hiring; internship offers- paid and unpaid.

The colleges and universities are actively involved in calling relevant companies from a given industry for the hiring process in the college itself so that the students get nice opportunities and don’t have to wander for jobs. It saves much time in the overall process of recruitment- for students as well as companies.

Many institutions in various domains like engineering, especially private ones, offer lucrative advertisements to get students admitted to their School Analytics for good job offers in the coming year. They show their placement records, the number of students who received an offer, the highest salary for candidates, the average salary offered, and other parameters.

Campus placement offers companies looking for freshers to hire straight out of college and gives them initial training. Many small colleges collaborate to arrange for such placement drives to get their students placed.