COA: Full Form

The full form of COA is the Council of Architecture. This council was established by the Government of India after passing the Architect Act in 1972. It is responsible for the registration of professional architects, regulating their standards of education as well as maintaining ethical practice. 

Any person who desires to practice as an architect must undergo education as mandated by the council. After taking a degree, the person must register himself as an architect with the council. The council then keeps a record of the person and regulates their practice and their membership from time to time with regular renewals. 

The council governs over 423 colleges in India that impart education to architects. The council approves the course, and its duration regulates the facilities and infrastructure of these colleges and amends the course from time to time. The council also carries out regular inspections of these institutions and has the authority to suspend an ongoing course if any irregularities occur.

After passing out it is mandatory for the professional to register himself to function as an architect in India. If it is a group of architects or a company then all the partners should be registered as architects in the register of the council. This is necessary to keep a tab on unqualified persons from practising as architects and creating faulty designs and structures.