NATA Full Form

NATA, also known as the National Aptitude Test in Architecture, is an entrance exam. Since 2006, this exam has been conducted by the Council of Architecture and relates to the provisions of CoA Regulations published in the Gazette of India.

The NATA exam is a national-level entrance exam to get admission to architecture undergraduate courses. It is believed that a separate aptitude test must be taken to get admission in Architect, and it should not combine with the test for admissions in medicine, pharmacy, engineering, and others. Also, this exam aims to offer the students a single scheme of exams for holding aptitude tests and applying from all over the country. The seats for admission in architecture are spread across the country and undertaken collectively to avoid appearing in multiple aptitude tests.

NATA exam also ensures that the eligibility criteria for admission in this five-year Bachelor’s course are prescribed by CoA and approved by the Central Government. Besides, it is also adhered to and followed by all the architectural institutions across the country.

The admission authorities use the scores in this exam to measure observation skills, sense of proportion, drawing, critical thinking ability, School Analytics, and aesthetic sensitivity.